Make informed

business decisions

Periskio offers through a simple and unique input, assisted by artificial intelligence, the information that helps the decision-maker in his business and his decision making, based on several hundred sources of information.

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Who is Periskio for?

Risk Management Department

Increase your information sources to measure the risk of your current and future customers.

Government and public sectors

Deepen your knowledge of the individuals and companies you deal with and ensure good governance.

Investors and venture capital

Deepen your knowledge of the individuals and companies in which you want to invest.


Control the relationship with your customers and competitors by being aware of their social media and traditional media footprint.

Contractors and buyers

Ensure the quality of your partners, subcontractors and suppliers by assessing their legal and judicial history.

Everything you need

in one place

Periskio allow you to access various information from multiple sources, it is possible to obtain information on the following aspects:

    Intellectual Property
    Individuals and actors
    Digital footprint

Save time and make a more informed decision


A user-friendly search engine that everyone can use.


All the data you need to support your business decisions.


All expected information in the same interface.


Litigation, intellectual property and what to know about your partners.


"Periskio quickly became essential

for our decision and future investments."

David B.

Director at MIM

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